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Medical Tourism

US based medical tourism company for North Americans, Europeans and others offering medical and dental travel services to India, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, Panama, and Costa Rica. Includes facilities, doctors, procedures, and registration information.

Dental tourism directory and referral service.

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India Surgery Hospital, Surgery in India for Heart Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Knee Surgery, Spine, Hip Surgery, IVF Treatment in India, Surrogacy in India Cancer Treatment in India, Bone Marrow Transplant in India, Eye Surgery, Liver Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery in India, Neurosurgery abroad in India, Uterus Fibroid removal surgery in India at affordable cost hospitals India.

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Surgery in India, Spine Surgery, Spinal Surgery in India, Low Cost Surgery India, Heart Surgery India, Knee Surgery India, Knee Replacement Surgery India, Hip Surgery, Hip Replacement Surgery in India, offered immediately at affordable world class medical tourism promoting hospitals in India.

Travel India Company
Offering packages for tourists wanting medical treatment, with details of procedures and specialties covered.

Referral service for dental, cosmetic, eye, fertility, orthopedic medical tourism in Turkey and Cyprus.

Wikipedia: Medical Tourism
Encyclopedia article on medical travel which includes the history, definitions, and trends.